Skin improvement for Delft and the surrounding area

Almost everyone has an irregularity in or on their face or body that they don’t like.  There is no need to ignore those unwanted irregularities.  If you experience it as disturbing, you can contact us! We work with laser and light therapy to treat unwanted visible blood vessels, excessive hairs, scars, pigmentation, highly visible pores, skin rejuvenation, redness and stretch marks.

Starting with skin rejuvenation

What would it mean to you if your (skin) problems would be solved? We would like to welcome you at our clinic, Huidzorg Delft, to discuss the possibilities and options to enhance the condition of your skin.
The number of treatments that might apply to you depends on the nature of your problem.

We are here for you!

We are the treatment team of Huidzorg Delft, our team consists of six skin therapists. All skin therapists closely follow the new professional developments in the field of skin therapy. We also actively take note of and actively share knowledge with (para) medics in neighboring fields such as dermatology, edema therapy, skin improvement, cosmic surgery with the aim of providing you and other (future) clients with optimal care. In addition, we actively look for specialisms that can contribute to improving the quality of life of our (future) clients; Examples include dietetics, aids and other products.

We want to increase the knowledge about the field of skin and edema therapy among (para) medics, so that clients who benefit from treatments by skin therapists are referred as soon as possible!

Our colleague Danielle de Ruiter is not only a skin therapist, but also a practice nurse. Julia makes all the appointments and carries out all kinds of administrative tasks.

huidzorg delft team

What do we stand for?

Huidzorg Delft wants to deliver the best quality care,

to medical and cosmedical clients

in the field of skin and edema therapy, in Delft and the surrounding area.

“Making people feel good in their own skin again,

that’s my reward! “

“Improving people’s quality of life,

is my motivation! “