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Cherry angioma

Cherry angiomas are also known as senile angiomas which are benign skin conditions. Almost every older person has one or more angiomas on their body.

Treatment cherry angioma

Symptoms  cherry angiomas are very common and is an innocent skin condition. During puberty these red swelling may develop, but in most cases they develop in middle age. After that, the number of angiomas can increase. Usually they have a size of several millimeters and are seen in larger numbers on the torso of your body. They are never solitaire.

Originate This skin condition is caused by a certain increased number of strongly dilated vessels in your skin. These highly dilated vessels are normal in nature. Some individuals have a strong tendency to develop these angiomas.

Treatment The number of treatments depend on the amount of angiomas and your personal wishes. Cherry angiomas can be treated successfully by the following treatment techniques:

Ouderdomswratjes huidkliniek huidzorg delft rijswijk
electro-coag-gelaat huidkliniek huidzorg delft rijswijk

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