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Couperose is redness in the face that does not go away. Couperose is commonly located on your cheeks, chin, or nose, but can also appear on your neck or cleavage. The vessels can sometimes feel a bit burning or itchy. Couperose is also know as telangiectasia.

Treatment couperose

Originate Couperose can be caused by heredity, your skin type, your lifestyle, medication use and large temperature differences. It often starts to develop after the age of 30.

Symptoms Heb are you known with red, purple vessels that you find disturbing because it influences the way your face, neck and cleavage look like? This is probably caused by rosacea.  

Treatment At Huidzorg Delft couperose is treated with IPL and/or laser treatments. The red blood cells in the blood vessel absorb the heat of the light from the laser; the blood vessel is heated and then destroyed. The body will clear these vessels by itself. The surrounding skin is not damaged. With the help of our vascular treatments complaints are handled in a safe and effective manner.

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