Covid-19 Policy at Huidzorg Delft

In order to be able to provide our healthcare as safely as possible, it is necessary, in addition to our measures, that our clients make their contribution to the measures.

Points of attention for you as a visitor to Huidzorg Delft:

  • Wearing a mouth mask in the public space and treatment room is strongly advised. If it concerns a treatment in the face, the mouth mask should not be removed until you take place in the treatment chair.
  • You can find an alcohol dispenser in the hall. This should be used with the elbow when entering and leaving the practice.
  • Maximum 2 clients in the waiting room.
  • There are 2 chairs outside, if the waiting room is full, you can use the chairs outside.
  • Clients should arrive on time but not too early, the therapists ensure that the treatment will be completed at least 5 minutes before the end of the reserved time/ therapy so that there is as little contact between the clients as possible.
  • Please come alone, do not bring extra people to the therapy.
  • Only in case of an emergency the toilet can be used.


The measures that the employees of Huidzorg Delft take to guarantee your safety are as follows:

  • The therapists will be wearing protective clothing such as face masks, gloves and a cleaned uniform.
  • The treatment chairs are cleaned with disinfection after each treatment.
  • The used equipment is cleaned after each treatment with disinfection or 70% alcohol.
  • The handles of the doors and chairs in the waiting areas are regularly cleaned with disinfection.


Are you interested in our Covid-19 protocol? Contact us!