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Dermatosis papulosa nigra

A pigmented skin with disturbing dark bumps? This skin condition is called Dermatosia Papulosa nigra, which are benign skin tumors in Asian an darker skin types.


Heredity little dark bumps that are elevated on the skin in people with an Asian dark skin type. This skin condition is most often seen in people over 40 and the prevalence increases with age. It is often seen within families, and is probably heritable. Dermatosis papulosa nigra cannot be prevented, but can be treated!

Symptoms the little bumps are mainly located on the temples, the forehead, the cheeks, but also in the neck and cleavage. It is an innocent skin condition, that can be compared to age warts.

Treatment Dermatosis papulosa nigra can effectively and safely be treated. Depending on the size of the spots, they can be removed by means of the following treatment techniques:

Dermatosis huidkliniek huidzorg delft rijswijk
electro-coag-lichaam huidkliniek huidzorg delft rijswijk

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