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Redness and dilated vessels

Facial redness can manifest itself in several ways. A healthy blush on your cheeks can appear through heat or effort. Facial redness can also develop as a result of sports or hormonal fluctuations, which often disappears quickly. Unfortunately, there are also forms of permanent facial redness, also known as diffuse redness. In addition to diffuse redness, there are numerous vasodilatations that are experienced as cosmetically disturbing. Below we present met most common disorders and which treatments we offer at Huidzorg Delft and Rijswijk.

Types of redness and dilated vessels


Couperose manifests itself as small, red/purple, burst vessels in the face. It often occurs after the age of 30. Couperose is also known as telangiectasia. Read more about couperose.

Diffuse redness

Diffuse redness is seen as a permanent, possibly spotty, redness of the skin. Preferably located on the cheeks, nose and side of the neck. No large vessels are visible, but is characterized by the uniform redness of the skin. This is caused by a very fine network of superficial blood vessels.

 Cherry angiomas

Cherry angiomas are semicircular spots. They are often several millimeters in size and are located on the body in larger number. The most common location is the trunk. Read more about cherry angiomas here.

 Poikyloderma of Civatte

Poikyloderma of Civatte is also knows as the sun neck. Reddish brown discoloration on the side of the neck. It is a combination of dilated vessels (couperose-like condition) and pigment discoloration.


Is a chronic, non-contagious, but cosmetically very disturbing facial skin disorder characterized by bright red discoloration, particularly on the cheeks and nose. In severe forms, we also see red bumps and red yellowish pimples in the mentioned places. Read more about rosacea here.

Spider Naevus

Spider naevus, also called spider’s head, is a chronically dilated vessel. In the center a red bump is visible with red vessels around it, like the legs of a spider. These vessels are mainly located on the face, neck, palms and forearms and can disappear on their own in small children and pregnant women.

Venous Lake

Venous lake is a local benign blood vessel dilation, which mainly occurs on the (lower) lip. A Venous lake is mainly seen in older adults.

Port wine stain

A port wine stain is a benign, congenital vascular defect that looks like a red to purple stain in the skin. With a port wine stain, the blood vessels in one place are strongly expanded.  More vessels than usual are present. The spots are commonly located on the face, but are also often seen on the upper part of the torso.


Treatment At Huidzorg Delft and Rijswijk vascular abnormalities are treated by means of IPL and/or laser treatments. The red blood cells in the blood vessel absorb the heat of the light from the laser; the blood vessel is heated and the destroyed. The body will clear these vessels by itself. The surrounding skin is not damaged. With the help of our vascular treatments complaints are handled in a safe and effective manner.

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