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Excessive hair growth

We all have hairs growing on our body and face, but sometimes the hair growth is more than you like or want and find this disturbing. Whenever there are too many and too thick hairs growing in places where normally no or only thin hairs grow, we call this excessive hair.



With this condition, women grow hairs in places where usually only men develop hairs. Instead of down hair, a lot of dark hair appears on areas such as the upper lip, cheeks, chin and neck, around the nipples, on the chest, back, abdomen and groin area. The hair growth on the arm and legs is also more than ‘normal’.


Is excessive hair growth in places where normally some hair growth is already present. Fine hairs may appear in the face, temples, and eyebrows. Hairs on the arms can lengthen and increase in number. The lower legs and torso usually present more hair growth. Hypertrichosis occurs in both men and women and develops during puberty.


Two types there are two forms of excessive hair growth: Hypertrichosis and hirsutism. They usually occur separately, but can also occur in combination.

Treatment  At Huidzorg Delft excessive hairs can be treated in an effective and safe way. During the first consultation appointment we will assess your skin. Then we will discuss a tailor-made treatment plan with you. Laser hair removal is suitable for all skin types and skin colors, but not for all hair colors.

Permanent hair removal for blonde and gray hair, cannot be performed with laser because the hairs do not contain enough pigment. These hairs are treated my means of:

Hirsutisme huidkliniek huidzorg delft rijswijk
Laser ontharen

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