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Leg vessels

Leg vessels, also known as birch twigs or broom rice varices, are chronically dilated capillaries on the leg, due to slacking of the vessel wall.

Treatment leg vessels

Originate There is a hereditary component, that much is certain. But leg vessels can also be caused by hormone fluctuation, pregnancy or a standing profession where a lot of pressure is exerted on the blood vessels. Leg vessels do not usually cause medical complaints, but can be found cosmetically disturbing.

Treatments  Leg vessels such as broom rice varices are located superficially in the skin and have no further function for the vascular system of the legs. For this reason, these vessels can be safely removed. In light red vessels, we perform a treatment with the Long Pulsed nd-YAG 1064nm. Due to the wavelength and specific properties, this laser is able to heat and destroy the leg vessel without damaging the surrounding skin.

Sclerosing Depending on the depth of the vessels, your treatment can start right away (or not). Whenever the vessels are located deep, it is advisable to start sclerosing them first. We have a cooperation with the dermatologist from The Reinier De Graaf Hospital, where the sclerosing can be performed.

During the first consultation appointment the skin therapist from Huidzorg Delft will assess your skin first. Then we will discuss the tailor-made treatment plan with you. The treatment consists of laser therapy, whether or not in combination with sclerosing.

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