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Lipedema literally means fat and fluid build-up. It is a painful, chronic disease/illness. In lipedema there is a disturbance in the production of adipose tissue. In addition, the drainage of fluid through the lymphatic vessels is not optimal. The results in a subcutaneous accumulation of fat and fluid. Most often, lipedema occurs symmetrically on the hips, thighs and knees. The arm may also be affected. The first symptoms appear at the end of puberty. It mainly occurs in women.

Lipedema treatment at Huidzorg Delft and Rijswijk

Symptoms The first symptoms of lipedema are disproportionately heavy legs, hips, buttocks and/or arms where excess fat tissue stops abruptly at the knees, ankles or a the elbows or wrists. Weight loss has little effect on the disproportionate fat and fluid build-up. Upper and lower body can vary by two to three sizes.

Bruises Lipedema tissue is sensitive, the pain can range from mild to extreme where a slight touch or pressure is already not tolerated. The skin looks walnut-like as an extreme form of cellulite (orange-peel kin). Bruises develop quickly. The legs feel heavy and swollen from the fluid build-up (more information can be found on our lymphedema page). The volume can lead to joint problems, such as knee problems. The skin of the legs can also be damaged by abrasion.

Tiredness People with lipedema experience fatigue and are sometimes limited in their mobility. This can affect their daily functioning and leas to social isolation, psychosocial complaints and obesity. Characteristic of lipedema is the symmetry: the deviating fat distribution occurs on both sides. This is in contrast to lymphedema, which can also occur on one leg or arm.

Treatment  If you suffer/experience complaints from lipedema, Huidzorg Delft is the right place for you. Due to our years of experience and the wide range of treatment techniques, we can always advise the right treatment method or combination of treatment methods. It differs per indication which therapy is performed. During the first consultation appointment we will discuss the complaint and assess your skin and edema. Then, we will discuss the tailor-made treatment plan together. The treatment of lipedema is the same as for lymphedema. This therapy consist of several treatments:

These treatments are performed at our clinics in Delft and Rijswijk.

deep oscillation
pneutatische compressie

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