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Edema is an accumulation of fluid in the body tissue. Edema can be present locally. But can also occur throughout the body. Untreated edema can lead to pain complaints and/or movement restrictions.


Primary lymphedema

Primary lymphedema is a rare congenital condition. Because fewer lymphatic pathways are present, swelling develops with age. In severe cases, this happens in childhood and in slightly less severe cases from puberty.  Often, the edema only develops after trauma (sprain, overload etc.) or surgery.

Secondary lymphedema

Secondary lymphedema is caused by external influences. For example an (erysipelas) infection, a severe burn of the skin or an open bone fracture. Secondary lymphedema can also be a result of radiation (cancer treatment), removal of lymphatic vessels, or other surgery that has damaged the lymphatic system.

Secondary lymphedema is more common and is caused by delayed drainage through the lymphatic vessels. The remaining lymphatic vessels cannot drain the fluid sufficiently. Lymphedema can develop on an arm or leg, after lymph nodes have been removed. For example in the armpits or groin.


Originate A congenital abnormality (primary lymphedema) or through injury or disease of the lymphatic system, but also through surgery and/or radiation (secondary lymphedema) can cause edema.

As heavy as lead Lymphedema can cause a (lead) heavy feeling in the arms or legs, a feeling of tension around the wrists, fingers, ankles, elbows or knees, usually on the side of the body where the lymphatic system is damaged. Sometimes the swelling causes a nagging or stinging pain and stiffness in joints. Movement can be limited, and weight and body size may increase.

Treatment If you experience complaints from lymphedema, Huidzorg Delft is the right place for you. Due to our years of experience and the wide range of treatment techniques, we can always advise the right treatment method or combination of treatment methods. It differs per indication which therapy is performed. During the first consultation appointment we will discuss the complaint and assess your skin and edema. Then, we will discuss the tailor-made treatment plan together. We can offer you different treatments or a combination of treatments:


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