Pricelist Huidzorg Delft

Below you will find a complete overview of the price of all our treatments (prices as of January 1, 2021). Many of our treatments are reimbursed by your health insurer. Do you want to know how that works for you? Click here. 


Skin therapy consult30 min Free of charge *
Consultation30 min€ 35,00

Acne therapy

Acne therapy from€ 50,00
Combination with Peeling from€ 75,00
Combination with Microdermabrasion from€ 95,00
Combination with Laser from€ 150,00


Superficial / medium deep peeling from€ 75,00
Medium / deep peeling from€ 85,00
TCA peeling from€130,00
Spot Out Kit Toskani from€ 395,00


Microdermabrasion ( incl deepcleaning)30 min€ 95,00
Microdermabrasion including peelings (AHA)45 min€ 120,00

Electrical Epilation

Electrical Epilation starting rate15 min€ 40,00
30 min€ 55,00
45 min€ 82,50
60 min€ 110,00

Removing benign skintumors

Electro- Coagulation / cyro therapy /


One spot€ 55,00
Maximum of 5 pcs€ 75,00
Maximum of 10 pcs€100,00
IPL / laserfrom€ 75,00

Camouflage therapy

Camouflage therapy advice and training
(excl.  Products)per 30 min€ 55,00

Laser treatment pigmentation

per treatment
Small surfacemax 5 pulses€ 100,00
Medium surfacemax 7 pulses€ 125,00
Both hands€ 150,00
Cleavage€ 200,00
Full Face€ 225,00

Laser treatment Couperose & Redness

IPL/ laser vascular abnormalitiesper treatment
Spider Naevi€ 75,00
Small surface (max 5 pulses)from€ 100,00
Cheeksfrom€ 150,00
Full Facefrom € 225,00
Cheeks and nose€ 190,00

Laser treatment skin aging and acné scarring through fractional laser

AreaPrice per treatment
Fullface€ 350,00
Cheeks€ 200,00
Eye area€ 175,00
Upperlip€ 150,00
Around the mouth€ 175,00
Forehead€ 175,00
Neck€ 200,00
Cleavage€ 250,00
Around the mouth + cheeks€ 250,00
Full Face + Neck€ 390,00

Scar treatment

Scar treatment through massage technique (30 min)€48,00
Scar treatment through fractional laser
Scar < 10 cm€125,00
Scar < 25 cm€175,00
Some (small) scars

Laser treatment Striae

Few stripes€ 125,00
Middelle area€ 175,00
Big Area€ 250,00
Extra big area€ 325,00

Laser treatment leg vessels

Some legvesselsmax 7 pulses€ 125,00
Middle area< 15 min€ 200,00
Big area< 20 min€ 275,00
Extra big area< 25 min€ 350,00

Lipomassage/ Connected tissue massage

Per treatment
Lipomassage one zone30 min€ 65,00
Lipomassagemultiple zones45 min€ 85,00
Course of 10 treatments
Lipomassage course of one zone30 min€ 600,00
Lipomassage course of multiple zones45 min€ 800,00
Endermo therapy suit or equipment€ 27,50

Scar therapy

Scar massage **30 min€ 48,00
Endermo therapy30 min€ 65,00
Fractional laserfrom€ 125,00
Microdermabrasionfrom€ 95,00
TCA peeling€ 130,00

Edema therapy **

Edema therapy30 min€ 48,00
Measuring aids30 min€ 48,00
Burningwounds aftercare30 min€ 48,00

* The consult costs are 35 euro’s. When there is a possibilty to start the treatment right away or when a laser treatment in the near future is planned, will the costs of the consultations be settled with the (first laser) treatment costs.

* * A specific arrangement applies to the above treatments. Every health insurer has a fixed rate for these therapies. In case of a chronic indication, the 1st 20 treatments come from the supplementary package, from treatment 21st onwards, the treatments come from the basic insurance. If there is no additional insurance, the 1st 20 treatments are at your own expense, after which you can claim under the basic insurance.

The rates below are target prices per laser treatment. During the consultation the exact price per treatment is given. The price of the laser treatment depends on the size of the area. The rate for the first consultation is 35 euros. This consultation is offered to you free of charge when you decide to start the laser treatment.

Prices laser hair reduction Face

AreaPrice per treatment
Under lip€ 40,00
Space between eyebrows€ 45,00
Upper lip€ 75,00
Forehead€ 75,00
Cheekbones€ 75,00
Ear or Nose hairs€ 75,00
Chin€ 90,00
Eyebrows (inbetween and above)€ 90,00
Whiskers€ 100,00
Neck€ 120,00
Cheeks€ 120,00
Chin and upperlip (perioraal)€ 140,00
Chin and part of the neck€ 140,00
Peri oraal and Neck (till first neck-line)€ 190,00
Beard area€ 225,00
Full Face€ 240,00

Price laser hair removal body

AreaPrice per treatment
Belly line€ 75,00
Areolas€ 75,00
Zone between breast€ 75,00
Sinus Piloridalis€ 80,00
Feet and toes€ 90,00
Hands€ 90,00
Armpits€ 95,00
Bikiniline Small/ Normal/ Extensive€ 150,00 / € 175,00 / €200,00
Underarms/ incl hands€ 175,00 / € 195,00
Buttocks€ 175,00
Breast (gentleman)€ 175,00
Belly€ 175,00
Lower legs / incl knee€ 225,00 / € 250,00
Upper legs€ 275,00
Breast and belly€ 275,00
Complete Arms€ 275,00
Back without shoulders€ 295,00
Back with shoulders€ 375,00
CombinationsPrice per treatment
Armpits and bikini line small€ 200,00
Armpits and bikini line extensive€ 250,00
Upper legs and bikini line small€ 300,00
Complete legs€ 425,00
Legs and bikini line€ 475,00
Legs, bikini line and armpits€ 525,00

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