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Stretch marks

With stretch marks, the subcutaneous connective tissue under the skin is torn, due to excessive stretching, which leads to linear stretch marks. Having stretch marks can be really disturbing for many women. If you want, we can help you with that!

Treatment stretch marks

Originate stretch marks can arise from pregnancy, rapid growth, but also under influence of certain hormones or long-term usage of corticosteroids. These are often slightly sunken in the skin and have a different structure compared to the surrounding skin. In the beginning the color is often purple-red (striae rubra), when the stretch marks become older, the color will get lighter (striae alba).

Treatment At Huidzorg Delft we offer various innovative treatment methods to treat stretch marks. During the first consultation we will discuss your complaints and we assess your skin. Then, we will discuss the tailor-made treatment plan together. Fractional laser is often used in treatment for scars:

This improves the skin texture, making it a lot less visible. Whenever purple-red streaks are visible, a vascular treatment can be performed with laser or IPL to reduce the redness.

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Stretch marks

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