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Are benign skin spots that arise from the drains of sweat glands in your skin. The benign bumps do not usually cause complaints, such as itching and pain, but can be found cosmetically disturbing.

Treatment syringomas

Symptoms Syringomas are yellowish, small or skin-colored bumps, often seen with several bumps together. Usually syringomas are located on the face, especially under the eye, the upper cheeks, or on the lower eyelid.  

Originate  The cause of syringomas is unknown. It often develops during puberty, mostly in girls/women, which assumes hormonal causes. Often, syringomas run in the family, so it seems evident that a hereditary factor is involved.

Treatment At Huidzorg Delft we can treat syringomas effectively and safely. Depending on the size of the spot, they can be removed by means of the following treatment techniques:

electro-coag-lichaam huidkliniek huidzorg delft rijswijk

Question about the safe removal of syringomas?