Huidzorg Delft offers various treatments. We have divided them into three categories:

Below you can see per category which treatments we can offer you. It is about you getting the care you need and also in the frequency that is appropriate. As a rule, you will be cared for by one of us, but in principle any of us can handle your complaints.

Our adage is that we always take your question very seriously and that means that if we think that we cannot offer you the best care, we will always refer you to another specialist!

We also work together with the Dermatology clinic of the Reinier de Graaf hospital. For joint treatments, agreements are made through the hospital’s outpatient department.

You will also find a separate section in this chapter about all the equipment we use in our practice. For example, we have LPG devices to provide endermotherapy. OR are we the first Dutch practice to use a BIOS square Epill laser. We are committed to giving you the best possible treatment, which also includes having the best equipment in house!

Skin therapy

Skin improvement

Medical treatments

keymodulle lpg

EndermoTherapy is a therapy in which pathological and aesthetic changes in the connective tissue are treated. EndermoTherapy is performed with an LPG device, similarly to edema therapy. At Huidzorg Delft we work with the professional device: the Keymodule 2l CelluM6. LPG is short for Louis Paul Guitay, the inventor of this technique. In combination with a vacuum massage, the LPG makes rolling and kneading movements. This affects the connective tissue, the blood vessels and the lymphatic system. (more info)

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