The latest and most effective laser therapy to treat the skin with acne scars.

Acne scar laser treatment

A lot of young people suffer from acne, and many adults continue to suffer from acne and the acne scars. Due to aggressive inflammations pits, spots and pigmentation remain in de skin. Huidzorg Delft is specialized/is the specialist in treating (acne) scars trough laser treatment, as well as active acne.

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In order to treat acne scars we perform fractional laser therapy. Besides acne scars we can also treat other skin problems, like (surgical) scars, stretch marks and skin rejuvenation with this technique.

Laser therapy duration varies between 30-60 minutes. The area that will be treated is marked first. Then, the skin in treated by a rolling movement in three different directions. The laser contains a cooling system which cools the skin during the treatment. At the end, every skin segment is cooled with a special cooling roller and cold packs. Small warm tingles or pricks can be noticeable. After the treatment we will apply an aftercare. The cream can be used unlimited to improve the skin recovery.

Result The fractional laser ensures that damage to connective tissue is repaired, resulting in a smoother and stronger skin. The blood flow and pigmentation of the scar will improve and deep scars will become more superficial, which makes them less visible.


Number of treatments Depending on the scar type, an average of 3 to 6 treatments, with a 4 week interval, will be necessary. The production of new collagen takes some time. Because the end result is only visible 3 to 6 months after the laser treatment, we start with a course of 3 treatments. After the last treatment we will plan an evaluation appointment were we discuss whether the result is achieved or more treatments are necessary.

Aftercare after the treatment the skin can be red and feel rough. Usually the redness diminishes after a few hours. On average the skin presents slightly tanned 3 to 10 days after the treatment and minuscule dots may feel a bit rough. This is the pattern from the laser pulse, but is hardly visible.

Camouflage After the treatment the skin can be camouflaged with mineral makeup. Huidzorg Delft works with the products from Jane Iredale. The products do not only camouflage your skin but ensure a good protection and have calming ingredients as well.

Price rates

Small area/ single scarsfrom€ 175.00
Medium area/ cheeksfrom€ 200.00
Large area/full face€ 350.00

Used equipment

Laser The Nordlys Elliipse FRaxx 1550nm, an Erbium: Glass laser, is being used at Huidzorg Delft. This unique treatment method stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin in the dermis (deeper skin layer), which results in skin rejuvenation.

Short recovery time This special laser technique differs from other fractionated laser treatments by the extremely short pulse duration, which results in an intensive treatment with a relatively short recovery period.

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