To control the acne and help your skin to heal.


Our skin therapists have a lot of experience in treating Acne Vulgaris and/or Acne Conglobate, with lesions such as pimples, blackheads, inflammation or acne scars. Our acne therapy is customized and performed for each individual and their specific complaints. The severity of the acne, your complaints, medication and your skin condition are taken into account. The aim of the treatment is to control the acne and skin damages that has been caused by acne, like redness and scars.

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Lotion First the skin is cleansed with a mild cleanser. Secondly the blackheads, pimples and inflammations are removed. Lastly, a hydrating cream is applied. 

Treatments Huidzorg Delft and Rijswijk offer you several different acne treatments. Depending on how active your acne is, in combination with the treatment technique being used, we advise you to repeat the treatment once every 1-6 weeks.
As soon as the acne is under control, we can downgrade the treatment frequency. A treatment takes about an average of 30 minutes.

Result After a while you will notice that your skin has calmed down and starts to be more even. The number of blackheads and inflammations will diminish. Additionally, the acne outbreaks are less frequent and less severe.

Result accelerators

  1. Peelings: Huidzorg Delft and Rijswijk offer different types of peels, each with their own specific specialty. The peels remove dead skin cells after which the amount of sebum in the skin diminishes and equalizes the skin;
  2. Laser treatment for active acne, remaining acne and acne scars; Depending on your skin condition Huidzorg Delft will recommend what type of laser would be suitable. The light energy promotes cell division and strength of the skin. As a result of the heat development by the laser, the inflammations diminish;
  3. Microdermabrasion: In this treatment, fine microcrystals are being vacuumed along the skin. This accurately removes a superficial layer of the skin. Microdermabrasion has several aims: it removes dead skin cells, stimulates the production of cells and thus the collagen in the skin, evens the skin color and improves the blood flow;
  4. Camouflage therapy: At Huidzorg Delft we can help you find the perfect camouflage products. The natural mineral-based camouflage products of Jane Iredale are suitable for acne prone skin.

Price rates

Acne therapyfrom€ 45.00
Combination with peelsfrom€ 70.00
Combination with laserfrom€ 150.00
Combination with microdermabrasionfrom€ 95.00

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