Different therapies to relieve your pain and make your scar(s) smoother.

Aftercare for burns

Burns can leave complex scars on the skin. Because of tissue contraction, moving can become difficult. As well as movement restriction, it can be disturbing if your scar is visible for others to see. We are happy to help you minimize your discomfort.

Huidzorg Delft is a cooperation partner of the Dutch Burns Foundation and a member of the affiliated Network Skin therapy.

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Different therapies

Trained specialists in aftercare for burns Some skin therapists at Huidzorg Delft are specialized in the aftercare of burns. Specially for people with burns there is a post-HBO study, called: Skin therapy after burns, which is set up by the Hogeschool Utrecht together with the Dutch Burns Foundation and specialists from all over the Netherlands and Belgium.

The skin therapists who complete this specialist training can help you with burns by starting scar therapy, camouflage therapy and/or EndermoTherapy.

Relief Scars after a heavy burn are permanent, unfortunately we can’t change that. What we can do is help you relieve the pain, smoothen the skin and make the scar tissue more supple. We can also reduce the redness.

Smoothening In case of a very painful or adhered scar, scar therapy can help you mobilize and smoothen the skin. This may also result in a reduction in any movement restrictions.

Camouflage In addition to the treatments we offer, we are happy to help you apply special water and smudge-proof camouflage products. These products will help you equalize, smoothen and care for your skin.

Treatment possibilities:

Result Since every type of skin and scar is different, the results vary from person to person. During the first consultation the skin therapist will discuss all the possibilities and options together with the expected results for each individual case.


Health insurer If a scar is restricting you in your movements the therapy is partially, and sometimes fully, reimbursed. Your reimbursement is dependent on your health insurance policy. We would like to advise you to contact your health insurer to confirm if your scar therapy would be reimbursed.

Price rates Because scar therapy and aftercare of burns is often reimbursed by the health insurer, we have not uploaded a pricelist.

Questions about aftercare of burns?