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Camouflage Therapy

Camouflage therapy is used to camouflage skin problems like wine stains, acne, burn wounds or other skin discoloration like pigmentation, redness, impurities and/or scars. The wide variation in colors of the camouflage creams and powders make it possible to advise a suitable and discrete camouflage product specific for your skin. By using a special fixation product, the camouflage is resistant to water and smudge-proof.


Camouflage Therapy

Treatment At Huidzorg Delft the camouflage therapy consists of one or two treatments. During these treatments we determine the right color for you. You will also be taught how to apply and use the products yourself.

Jane Iredale As well as the professional camouflage products, we also have a cooperation with the cosmetic brand of Jane Iredale. This brand is known for its mineral-based make-up. The products are very skin-friendly and contain light-reflecting particles, which makes the skin radiant and covers up imperfections.

Result Most often camouflage therapy is used to support other skin therapeutic care. It is important to choose your camouflage products responsibly, so your skin will look beautiful and well taken care of.

Price rates

Camouflage therapy/ advice and training

(excl Products)

30 min€ 50.00

Supporting Products

Supporting Products Our clients always receive an advice on suitable products to take good care of your skin (problems) at home. The products are available in our clinic. We are working hard to build a webshop, so that the products can also be ordered online. Below is a list of the products that can support your treatment:

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