For a better use of your arms and legs, due to a combination of several treatment techniques.

Edema therapy

At Huidzorg Delft we can help you with all sorts of edema. Usually we intensively start edema therapy 2 or 3 times a week. After a while, we will decrease the frequency. Edema therapy is used in  various types of edema such as: venous edema, lymphedema and lipedema.


Various therapies

Treatment to reduce edema various therapies are suitable. The treatment method is customizes per person and per indication. Usually we use several treatment techniques, which is called integral edema therapy.

Specialist DAll skin therapists from Huidzorg Delft are specialized in edema therapy. We have the latest equipment and knowledge, such as EndermoTherapy to provide the best healthcare.


Manual lymph drainage

Usually edema therapy starts with manual lymph drainage. We activate the lymph system, so the lymphatic fluid is better drained. Then, we start one or more of the treatment methods below:

With a gentle pumping motion of the hands, the fine network of the lymphatic vessels directly under the skin of the edema area is stimulated. Due to the special movements the skin therapist applies, the so-called edema and fibrosis techniques/movements, the skin and underlying tissue with lymphatic vessels can be treated very specifically.

With these edema movement/ massage techniques, the skin therapist guides the excessive fluid through the tissue to a place where it is easily absorbed. The skin therapist smoothens hardened tissue (fibrosis) by performing fibrosis (massage) movements/techniques, so the fluid can flow more easily and the painful stiffness decreases.

Endermo Therapy/ LPG

Endermo Therapy is a treatment method which is performed with an LPG Keymodulle device. The LPG device treats the skin and the underlying tissue, by a number of cylinders that lift and roll the skin. This promotes the blood flow, stimulates the drainage of lymph fluid and softens fibrotic- scar and other hardened tissue.


Willie Fourie Fascia Technique

Willie Fourie Fascia Technique is a treatment technique that connects the connective tissue of the entire body and ensures smooth movements. Due to an accident, surgery or radiation adhesions can occur/develop in the fascia layers. This can cause pain, tensed feeling of the tissue and movement restriction. The adhesions are loosened by means  of intensive massage techniques/movements/grips to reduce the complaints. By reducing adhesions and improving the blood flow, this therapy has a very positive effect on lymphedema, scars and radio fibrosis.

Deep oscillation

Deep oscillation gives an in depth (deep) penetrating resonant vibration (oscillation). The electrically generated static field provides a safe, non-skin-damaging deep biologically effective vibration (oscillation) in the skin, underlying connective tissue, subcutaneous fat, muscles, blood and lymph vessels.

The therapeutic effect of Deep Oscillation takes place trough the skin and the subcutaneous connective tissue and works trough the deeper muscle tissue. With deep Oscillation there is no risk of skin damage or side effects  and is completely painless. Significant results are known in edema- and pain reduction, in wound healing and acute trauma’s. The vibration of the static field is a body’s own vibration, which makes is easier for the cells to accept.


Ambulant compression therapy

The skin therapist from Huidzorg Delft bandages the legs or arms which are swollen by edema, so pressure is put on the blood vessels. The veins constrict and the defect valves close (click here for more information). By moving the arms and legs, the blood is pumped through the calf- or arm muscle towards the heart. The lymphatic fluid can now be drained due to the increased blood circulation.

Lymph taping

This tape, applied in a specific way, slightly lifts the skin. This creates more space between the skin and underlying tissues, allowing lymphatic fluid to move. In combination with breathing and movement exercises, the lymphatic fluid flows way to places where it is more easily absorbed an thus drained.

pneutatische compressie

Intermittent pneumatic Compression therapy

Pneumatic compression therapy is a treatment in which the affected part of the body is wrapped around a cuff. Air waves are passed through the cuff, which promotes the drainage of lymph fluid. The intensity of the pressure, the compression time and the pause between the pressure waves are adjusted to the patient.

Elastic stocking

The therapeutic elastic stocking provides pressure and ensures that the lymphatic fluid does not flow back to the already treated area. We can advise you about therapeutic elastic stocking and measure a tailor-made stocking for you.

Edema therapy
littekenbehandeling wellicht tepel verwijderen

Scar treatment

Lymphatic system disturbance- the cause of lymphedema- is common after surgery. The skin of and around the scar can be tensed/ tight and the scar tissue can harden (fibrosis). Massaging the scar can help. In addition silicone patches/sheets or lymph taping can support the treatment.

Wound care

Whenever a client/patient has wounds, in combination with edema. Both indications are treated during the same treatment.


Exercise and nutrition advice

Exercise is very important in treating edema, but incorrect movement can also create additional problems, which we want to prevent. Our skin therapist is happy to guide you with exercise advice. In addition, Berdien van Wezel, dietician at Huidzorg Delft, has consultation hours. Berdien is specialized in helping patients with edema problems. Every month, she is at Huidzorg Delft to help and guide you in addition to the edema therapy.

Questions about the different types of treatments for edema?