With electric epilation, we simply tackle disturbing hairs one by one.

Electric epilation

Electric epilation is a hair removal technique to remove disturbing hairs for good. More information about unwanted hair growth? Click here.

Electric epilation is suitable for:

  • Relatively small areas, like the face
  • All types of hair color
  • Gray, white and red hairs, which cannot be removed with light- or laser therapy.
  • Remaining/residual thin hairs which cannot be removed with laser
electrische epilatie
Elektische epilatie

Electric epilation therapy

(Electric) current A small needle is placed in the hair follicle and then energized for a few seconds. The current creates heat in the hair follicle, which damages and destroys the hair.

One by one The disturbing hairs are being treated one by one. Smaller and thinner hairs will come back, which may need to be treated again. Eventually, all the hairs will be removed. By customizing the amount of energy for each individual, the treatment is bearable for everyone. Sometimes the skin is sensitive and may react by getting red or developing some pimples.

Treatment period / process Unfortunately, the hair isn’t permanently removed after one treatment. This is caused by several factors, for example: the growth cycle of the hairs and the healing ability of the body. Depending on the size of the area to be treated, it will take a few months to several years to achieve the optimal result.

Maintenance HThe aim of the treatment is reduction of hairs. No guarantees can be given for a 100% reduction because new hair follicles can develop for example during pregnancy, menopause or with use of certain medication. Maintenance may be needed once to twice per year to remove new developed hairs.


Stop epilation, waxing or any other type of hair removal 4 weeks before the first treatment. In between the treatments you can shave or cut the hairs, but make sure the hairs are long enough for the skin therapist to be able to hold them with a tweezer.

If hairs are thick and dark, or whenever the area to be treated is too big for electric epilation, we sometimes recommend laser therapy.  Darker pigmentated hairs (black or brown) can be treated with electric epilation as well as with laser or light therapy. Gray, white or red hairs are more difficult to treat with laser or light therapy.

Price rates

Electric epilation starting rate15 min€ 35.00
30 min€ 50.00
45 min€ 75.00
60 min€ 100.00

Supporting products

Advice  Taking care of your skin problems at home is very important and we are happy to help you to find the right skincare products for that.

Below are some products that can help you support your treatment and are available in our clinic:

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