Deep layered skin problems are also successfully treated with Endermo Therapy.


EndermoTherapy is a therapy in which pathological and aesthetic changes in the connective tissue are treated. EndermoTherapy is performed with an LPG device, for example in edema therapy. At Huidzorg Delft we work with the professional device: the Keymodule 2l CelluM6. LPG is short for Louis Paul Guitay, the inventor of this technique. In combination with a vacuum massage, the LPG makes rolling and kneading movements. This affects the connective tissue, the blood vessels and the lymphatic system.

keymodulle lpg


EndermoTherapy is used for lymph– and lipedema, burn scars, hypertrophic scars, fibrosis, scleroderma, scleredema, pre-and post-treatment of surgical procedures (such as liposuction), lipohypertrophy (for example as a result of frequent injections in diabetes) and subcutaneous adhesions in the (connective) tissue. In addition, EndermoTherapy can be used for pain complaints of muscles and joints.

Connective tissue massage EndermoTherapy can also be used for cosmetic purposes. This therapy is used as a lipo massage for skin slackening and cellulite, this is seen as an intensive connective tissue massage.

Result edema therapyThe connective tissue becomes smoother and softer. Blockages decrease or disappear and blood and lymph circulation is strongly promoted. Good results are seen in patients who suffer from edema, lipedema and/or fibrosis. Due to the intensive connective massage, blood flow is intensively promoted, fat deposits are massaged loose and waste products/materials are removed right away and accelerated. We are increasingly using the LPG device in our edema therapy, with great success!

Result scar therapy Patients with scars also benefit greatly from EndermoTherapy due to the accelerated smoothness of the scar tissue. The intensive massage which is given using the LPG device, breaks down the bad collagen so the good, smooth collagen can replace it faster. Of course, it also applies here that the extra blood flow causes the waste products/materials to be removed and nutrients to be supplied at an accelerated rate. The overall process of scar improvement is greatly improved due to the EndermoTherapy using the LPG device.


*A specific arrangement applies for the treatments mentioned above. Every health insurer has a fixed rate for these therapies. In the case of a chronic indication, the first 20 treatments come from the additional package, from the 21st treatment the basic insurance covers the treatments. If there is no additional insurance, the first 20 treatments are for your own account, after which you can claim basic insurance.

Price rates

Lipo massage30 min€   60.00
Lipo massage10 treatment package€ 550.00
Edema therapy30 min€   45.00 *

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