We will help you to effectively remove all your disturbing hairs with the unique Gentle Max Pro.

Laser hair removal

Permanent hair removal is the solution for excessive and unwanted hair growth. Since 2019 Huidzorg Delft work with the Gentle Max Pro. Our clinic is the first clinic in the Netherlands who started working with this unique and effective method.

Laser nek


Air cooling The laser head has a unique air cooling and extraction system. The air cooling is more comfortable than contact cooling. The integrated exhaust system makes sure all the released hair particles are extracted right away.

Skin pencil First, the to be treated area is drawn on your body with a skin pencil. The hairs are being shaved, so the energy from the laser is directed to the hair roots and is not lost on your skin.

Growing phase a hair has a growth cycles in which it goes though 3 different phases. The hairs in the anagene phase (growing phase) respond optimally to the laser treatment. The hairs in the katagene (transition phase) and the telogene phase (resting phase) cannot absorb light.

Treatment  in the first 5 to 8 treatments, every following treatment there will be a new group of anagene hairs. The interval between the treatments is very important to treat as many anagene hairs as possible. The interval varies between 6 to 10 weeks, this depends on the area that is being treated.

Rubber band  Accurate pulses are given on the entire treatment area. The feeling of short pulse can be compared to an elastic band that hits the skin. The treatment is not painless, but generally well tolerated. Afterwards, your skin is cooled with a cold pack and aloe vera gel and a sunblock are applied. The treatment takes about 15 to 45 minutes.

Revolutionary equipment

Effective and safe  since this year we work with the new Candela Gentle max pro. Worldwide this laser is the golden standard for the treatment of unwanted hair growth, and is the absolute top in laser hair removal. Based on your skin and hair color the skin therapist of Huidzorg Delft will adjust the intensity per laser beam in order to treat safely and as effectively as possible.

Price rates


Lower lip€ 40.00
Eyebrows (between and above)€ 90.00
In between eyebrows€ 45.00
Upper lip€ 75.00
Ears or nose hairs€ 75.00
Chin€ 90.00
Cheeks€ 120.00
Bottom lip€ 40.00
Neck€ 120.00
Chin and upper lip (periorally)€ 140.00
Beard area€ 225.00
Full face€ 240.00


Armpits and bikini line small€ 200.00
Armpits and bikini line large€ 250.00
Upper legs and bikini line small€ 300.00
Lower legs and upper legs€ 425.00
Legs and bikini line€ 475.00
Legs, bikini line and armpits€ 525.00


Belly line€ 75.00
Areolas€ 75.00
Zone between the breast€ 75.00
Sinus Pilonidalis€ 80.00
Dorsum of the foot and toes€ 90.00
Hands€ 90.00
Armpit€ 95.00
Bikini line small/ Normal/large€ 150.00 / € 175.00 / €200.00
Buttocks€ 175.00
Chest (Man)€ 175.00
Belly€ 175.00
Forearms / incl hands€ 195.00
Lower legs/ incl knees€ 225.00 / € 250.00
Upper legs€ 275.00
Chest and belly€ 275.00
Entire arms€ 275.00
Back without shoulders€ 295.00
Back with shoulders€ 375.00