Together with us (and sometimes also with The Reinier) your legs will be like new again.

Treating leg vessels

Leg vessels, also known as bezemreiser or varices, can be red, blue and purple. Some leg vessels can be disfiguring/ found disturbing, but we can treat them with laser or IPL at Huidzorg Delft and Rijswijk. 



Sclerosing Depending on the depth of the vessels, the therapy can start right away at Huidzorg Delft. Whenever the vessels are too deep, we recommend you to start sclerosing the vessels first. We have a cooperation with the dermatologists of the Reinier de Graaf Hospital, where sclerosing can take place.

Laser therapy Whenever the vessels are superficial enough we can treat them with laser therapy at Huidzorg Delft. For treating les vessels we use the Gentle Max Pro. Due to the wavelength and specific characteristics the laser is able to heat and destroy the leg vessels without damaging the surrounding skin.

Tanned The treatment cannot be performed if your skin is (sun) tanned. Therefore we advise you to avoid the sun and solarium 4 weeks in advance and 4 weeks after the last treatment.  

Treatment The treatment takes approximately 30 minutes. The laser is set for your skin type and the characteristics of the leg vessels. Then, the laser is placed just above the visible vessels, and a pulse is given. We try to treat as many vessels as possible during one treatment. Laser therapy for leg vessel can be a bit painful. It feels like rubber bands are shot on the skin. 

Result accelerators

In order to remain the best possible result, it is advisable to pay attention to a number of things in advance. It is important to pay attention to the following advices the day of the treatment until a week after the treatment:

  • Don’t drink alcohol
  • Don’t exfoliate or scrub your face
  • Don’t do sports
  • Do not make heavy efforts
  • Don’t go to the sauna
  • Give your body some rest, so the vessels can be properly cleaned.
  • Wear compression stocking

Price rates

A few leg vessels€ 125.00
Medium size area€ 200.00
Large area€ 275.00
Extra-large area€ 350.00

Questions about leg vessels laser therapy?