Returning your radiant and even skin, in a safe and effective way.

Pigmentation spots laser therapy

Almost everyone has pigment discoloration of the skin. These discolorations can occur on the face, hands, cleavage and other areas of the body. If this is cosmetically disturbing for you, Huidzorg Delft is the place to go to. We have several effective therapies to help you!

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Different types of therapy

Laser en IPL At Huidzorg Delft pigmentation spots are treated with IPL or laser. This is a safe way to effectively remove age spots, sunspots, café-au-lait pigmentation or disturbing freckles. You will get an even skin again.

Advanced equipment At Huidzorg Delft we work with the latest and most advanced equipment to treat pigmentation. The Nordlys Ellipse IPL or the Gentle Max Pro are being used. The deeper pigmentation lesions, like melasma (maternity mask), are treated with the Nordlys Fraxx Erbium Glass laser.

Therapy  First, we will wash the skin before we mark the to be treated area with a skin pencil. During the treatment you must wear special safety glasses to protect your eyes.

Break IPL or laser gives a pulse with the correct wavelength, which is absorbed by the pigment. The pigment is heated so strongly, the body will break down the pigment. The following days after the treatment your body will clean up the heated pigment itself. A heat feeling can be experienced, but the pulses do not last long. Only the pigmentation is treated, the ‘healthy’ skin is not treated and remains intact.

Result The pigment discolorations will fade or disappear, which makes the skin look even. An average of 1 to 3 treatments will be necessary to achieve the wanted result, in some cases more treatments are necessary. Several factors influence the results, such as the depth of the pigment, location, origin, color intensity, skin type and how often your skin is being exposed to the sun.
We cannot guarantee every client that the pigmentation will disappear.

Skin reaction the skin therapist can estimate if the pigmentation spots responded well to the treatment by evaluating the skin reaction. It is important to keep in mind that we cannot stop the aging of the skin, so new pigmentation spots can always reoccur due to sun damages from previous years. Repeating the treatment may then be desirable and is not harmful to the skin.

After the treatment  The color of the skin which is been treated may become red and darker. This is the result we try to achieve. Usually the redness lasts for a couple of hours. A superficial scab may occur on the darker colored skin, which will heal within 2 weeks. After the scab falls of the skin, the pigmentation is lighter or has disappeared. Try not to touch the scabs if they occur, it is important for your skin to heal by itself.

Camouflage After the treatment the skin can be camouflaged with mineral makeup. Huidzorg Delft works with the products from Jane Iredale. The products do not only camouflage your skin but ensure a good protection and have calming ingredients as well.

Price rates

Single spots/ small area€ 100.00
Medium size  area€ 125.00
Large area€ 195.00
Both hands€ 150.00
Cleavage€ 200.00

Questions about safely reducing and removal of pigmentation spots?