We are going to effectively reduce, or even completely remove, red vessels.

Redness and vessels

Vascular abnormalities in the face or cleavage can be cosmetically disturbing. At Huidzorg Delft we can effectively treat these vascular abnormalities for you. Disturbing vessels on the body can be reduced or completely removed. De following indications can be treated with the Nordlys Ellipse (IPL) and the Gentle Max Pro:

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Different types of therapies

The treatment is performed with the Nordlys Ellipse IPL(intense pulsed light), (VBEAM pulsed Dye laser; only at Reinier de Graaf Hospital) or the Gentle Max Pro. IPL or laser is an effective and safe solution for diffuse redness and various vascular abnormalities. During the first consultation appointment we will advise you the most effective method. Due to the wide range of different IPL and laser equipment, we can treat all vascular abnormalities in the most effective way.

Therapy First, we will wash the skin before we mark the to be treated area with a skin pencil. During the treatment you must wear special safety glasses to protect your eyes.
The IPL or laser pulses with the suitable wavelength, which will be absorbed by the present diffuse redness of vessels. This process heats up the vessels. After the treatment, the skin can feel a bit warm/ burning

Result The diffuse redness or vascular abnormalities becomes lighter or disappear, which gives the skin a more even appearance. On average, 1 to 3 treatments are necessary, in some cases more treatments are necessary. Various factors influence the end result, such as depth and size of the vessels, the location, intensity of color, skin type and sun behavior.
The skin therapist can estimate if the vessels responded well to the treatment by evaluating the skin reaction. The interval between treatments is between 1 to 6 weeks. Your skin needs time to clear treated blood vessels.

After treatment  NAfter the treatment the skin may look a bit red and swollen. We recommend to use aloe vera.

Camouflage After the treatment the skin can be camouflaged with mineral makeup. Huidzorg Delft works with the products from Jane Iredale. The products do not only camouflage your skin but ensure a good protection and have calming ingredients as well.

Supporting products

Advice Our clients always receive an advice on suitable products to take good care of your skin. The products are being sold in our clinic and online on the webshop. Below a list of the products that can support your treatment:

Price rates

Spider Naevi€ 75.00
Nostrils€ 75.00
Nose€ 100.00
Single vesselsfrom€ 100.00
Chin€ 100.00
Cheeks small€ 150.00
Cheeks large€ 175.00
Cheeks, chin and nose€ 195.00
Neck sides€ 150.00
Both hands€ 150.00
Forehead€ 150.00
Face€ 225.00
Cleavage€ 200.00

Used equipment

Questions about effectively removing red vessels?