At Huidzorg Delft, or together with dermatologist Tijssen of the Reinier de Graaf Hospital, we are happy to help you stay unscathed.

Removal of Benign skin tumors

We can remove various benign skin spots, including age spots (seborrheic keratosis), xanthelasma, benign moles, birthmarks and pigmentated spots. The treatment can take place at Huidzorg Delft or at the outpatient clinic for dermatology at the Reinier de Graaf Hospital. The dermatologist Rene Tijssen is one of our cooperation partners.

Whenever a benign skin tumor is located on a part of the body which is hard to treat or if the treatment is more sensitive, we prefer treatment in the Reinier de Graaf Hospital.

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Different types of skin abnormalities

Diversity There is a lot of diversity in types of benign skin spots. They can have all sorts of structure types, for example horn, vessels, pigment and connective tissue. As we age, more and more of these skin abnormalities start to develop.

We can divide the different types of benign skin tumors into 3 groups:

Treatment frequency An average of 1-3 treatment are necessary. During the first consultation we will give you an estimation of how many treatments you are likely to need.

Aftercare The skin will be red and slightly swollen after the treatment. A crust will develop on the treated area. This crust will fall off your skin within 7-14 days. We recommend protecting your skin with a sunblock of SPF 30 or higher in the weeks following the treatment. Due to the treatment the skin is even more sensitive to sunlight, which makes it even more important to protect your skin.

Different therapies

Electro coagulation Two different methods of coagulation are used at Huidzorg Delft. Depending on the size of the area that is to be treated, we choose the most suitable method. Electro coagulation is often used for small burst vessels, fibroids and milia.

During the treatment a fine needle is brought into the skin, the electric current heats up the needle and destroys the skin spots. This is a safe method which is ideal for small areas. In case the skin spot is larger, the Zapper is a more suitable device. The Zapper is a small device that works on low current. The pointed electrode is held just above the skin and shrivels the skin spot.

Curettage is a method in which the benign skin lesion is removed with a curette (a sterile sharp ring). First the skin is anesthetized with a cold spray. After the spray the skin lesion is scraped off the skin with the curette. For removing seborrheic keratosis, the curette is very suitable. The treatment will leave a small abrasion. When the scab falls off, the skin will be even again without scarring.

Cryo therapy is a technique that is used mainly for removing benign skin spots such as pigmentation spots, sun damage, seborrheic keratosis and xanthelasma. The specific device we use at Huidzorg Delft is the CryoPen. The CryoPen technique is almost painless.

With the CryoPen technique the skin spots are removed by freezing the tissue. The aim of the treatment is to flatten and smoothen the skin by removing the lesion, so it becomes less visible or disappears without leaving a scar.

IPL/laser therapy Whenever benign skin tumors contain pigment or blood and are not elevated, IPL or laser therapy is the most effective method. This method is widely used in couperose, spider naevi and other vascular abnormalities. This technique is also suitable for superficial pigmented skin lesions such as sunspots and age spots (seborrheic keratosis). IPL and laser light are absorbed and heat up the excessive hemoglobin and melanin in the epidermis.

Price rates

Electro coagulation15 min€ 45.00
30 min€ 65.00
Curretage seborrheic keratosis/ skin tags15 min€ 75.00
CyroPen15 min€ 75.00

Questions about removing benign skin tumors safely?