Stimulating the blood flow in scars results in smoother skin that feels more comfortable.

Scar therapy

Do you have a scar? There are a lot of different types of scars. A scar can be withdrawn, hardened, thickened, discolored or stuck. If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort from a scar, the skin therapists at Huidzorg Delft can help you. By treating the scar, it will become less visible, thinner and more supple. Depending on the type of scar the most suitable treatment techniques will be selected for you.

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Types of scars

Different types of therapy

Scar massageThe aim of massaging a scar is to stimulate the blood flow, which improves the elasticity of the scar. An improved elasticity smoothens the skin and decreases related complaints, like mobility issues and pain. To intensify the massage EndermoTherapy is used at Huidzorg Delft and Rijswijk.

EndermoTherapy Endermotherapy is a technique that is used, among other things, for hardened and adhered scars. EndermoTherapy is more intensive because it reaches deeper into the tissue than the manual scar massage. The therapy is performed with an LPG Keymodule. This device has a suction effect (like a vacuum cleaner) and two mechanical rotating rollers. The LPG lifts, rolls and massages the skin and subcutaneous tissue during the treatment. With this technique tissue blockages can be removed.

Fractional laser therapy is another technique that can be performed for treating scars. The Erbium Glass fractional laser is used for treating burn scars, traumatic scars, surgical scars, stretch marks and acne scars. The damaged tissue of a scar is located in the skin’s dermis, the deeper layers of the skin. The laser makes small damage columns in the dermis, almost too small to be visible. These columns hardly damage the epidermis, so the recovery time is short. During this recovery time new collagen is made, which makes the skin thicker, smoother and more even.

Microdermabrasion Microdermabrasion is a technique that removes a layer of dead skin cells by scraping and polishing them away under controllable vacuum pressure. This technique flattens the scar and stimulates cell renewal.

Silicone sheets and silicone gel By using silicone sheets and silicone gel the scar can become flatter and smoother within several weeks to months. This gentle treatment also reduces redness, pain and itching complaints.

Price rates

Scar massage30 min€ 43.50
Scar treatment with fractional laser< 10 cm€ 125.00
< 25 cm€ 175.00

Questions about scar therapy at Huidzorg Delft and Rijswijk? Do you wonder which technique is the most suitable for your skin problem? Ask us!