Better use of your arms and legs, due to Willie Fourie Fascia Technique

Willie Fourie Fascia Technique

At Huidzorg Delft we can help you with all sorts of edema. The Willie Fourie Fascia technique is a method to reduce your complaints.


Various therapies

Treatment to reduce edema various therapies are suitable. The treatment method is customizes per person and per indication. Usually we use several treatment techniques, which is called integral edema therapy.

Specialist All skin therapists from Huidzorg Delft are specialized in edema therapy. We have the latest equipment and knowledge, such as EndermoTherapy to provide the best healthcare.


Willie Fourie Fascia Technique

Willie Fourie Fascia Technique is a treatment technique that connects the connective tissue of the entire body and ensures smooth movements. Due to an accident, surgery or radiation adhesions can occur/develop in the fascia layers. This can cause pain, tensed feeling of the tissue and movement restriction. The adhesions are loosened by means  of intensive massage techniques/movements/grips to reduce the complaints. By reducing adhesions and improving the blood flow, this therapy has a very positive effect on lymphedema, scars and radio fibrosis.

Price rates

Lipo massage30 min€   60.00
Lipo massage10 treatment package€ 600.00
Edema therapy30 min€   45.00 *

Questions about the different types of treatment for edema?