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Venous edema

The most common cause of venous edema is an abnormality in the drainage system. Because the valves in the veins can no longer close properly, blood and fluid are not sufficiently drained. This van lead to venous edema. Symptoms include varicose veins and restless legs.


Originate The blood vessels in the legs contain valves that open when the blood is drained from the legs. To prevent this oxygen-poor and waste-rich blood from flowing black, the valves close after the blood has passed. If the valves do not function properly, the blood is not properly drained and so is the tissue fluid, which is delivered to the blood by the lymphatic system. Fluid will build up in the legs, especially around the ankles, which will thicken and get swollen during the day. Blood pressure in the leg vessels increases, vessels and capillaries dilate and varicose veins develop. Venous edema, also called chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), is a combination of a buildup of fluid (edema) and malfunctioning blood vessels (the venous system). It can occur at any age, but the elderly, pregnant women an invalids are at greater risk.

As heavy as lead  Venous edema causes a (lead) heavy or restless feeling in the legs during the day. The legs and ankles swell due to fluid build-up, which leads to a burning sensation or spasmodic pain and stiffness, also known as “restless legs”. Due to the increasing pressure on the malfunctioning vein, the blood vessels dilate and varicose veins develop. Sometimes a brownish discoloration of the skin is visible. Venous edema often occurs in combination with lymphedema.

Treatment  If you experience complaints from venous edema, Huidzorg Delft is the right place for you. Due to our years of experience and the wide range of treatment techniques, we can always advise the right treatment method or combination of treatment methods. It differs per indication which therapy is performed. During the first consultation appointment we will discuss the complaint and assess your skin and edema. Then, we will discuss the tailor-made treatment plan together.

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