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Vitiligo is a skin condition that affects 1% of the world population. In case of vitiligo, the skin loses pigment. This results in white spots that differ in shape and size. These spots can expand over the course of a lifetime.

Treatment vitiligo

Symptoms Vitiligo is often localized around body orifices and pressure points, such as hand and feet. Or in parts of the body that have been repeatedly exposed to trauma. Vitiligo is relatively more often seen in body folds, on mucous membranes and on highly pigmented areas such as the face and genitals. Vitiligo often presents itself symmetrically.

Treatment  Huidzorg delft can help you with vitiligo by means of camouflage therapy. The difference in color, compared to the normal skin color, can be made less noticeable by using self-tanning cream. We are happy to help, advice and train you how the camouflage products can be applied the best. We can also help you finding the right sun protection!

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