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Xanthelasma palpebrarum are benign, slightly elevated, yellowish-white localized fat deposits on and around the eyelid. They are harmless, but can be found cosmetically disturbing.

Treatment xanthelasma

Symptoms It often starts with a small bump on the inside of the corners of the eyes. These little bumps can spread further and further. It often occurs in older- or middle-aged people.

Originate  In most cases, the cause is unknown. Sometimes a hereditary component is present in the fat metabolism. Diabetes or high cholesterol in the blood are also risk factors to the development of the skin condition. Xanthelasma is also seen as a form of skin aging.

Treatment At Huidzorg Delft we can treat xanthelasma effectively and safely. Depending on the size of the spot, they can be removed by means of the following treatment techniques:

electro-coag-gelaat huidkliniek huidzorg delft rijswijk

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